Call The Stylist! These 21 Scissor-Wielding Kids Are Have Hair Emergencies

It's the plot of countless television sitcoms -- kid gets a hold of scissors and cuts their own hair.

The reason it's so hilarious is because children accidentally giving themselves terrible haircuts happens all the time. For some precocious kiddos, the allure of the scissors is too much to resist, and their parents just have to laugh. Fortunately for us, lots of them also post their kids' haircut mishaps on the internet because the internet has to be good for something. Put your scissors down and check out these kids who did a number on their own hair.

1. "His older brother thought that this was funny. His father does, too!" - evil__bob

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2. "My client's daughter cut her own hair. I am a hairdresser. She asked me if I could fix it. NOPE." - snipandclip

3. "My daughter gave herself this haircut last week. I about died." - Stephanie Klindt Cook

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4. "My kid decided to trim his eyebrows. When he cut them too short he decided to cut hair from his head and glue it to his eyebrows. He immediately regretted his decision." - leeto86

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5. "My eight-year-old niece doesn't know how hair works. She got tired of her bangs so she cut them off." - jennthemermaid

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6. This little stinker named Justin went for the patchy look with his cut.

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7. "Look who cut her own hair!" - Mamawookie