From France To Denmark, The World Has Some Strange Ideas About What Americans Eat

What comes to mind when you think of “American food?” These photos show what countries around the world think Americans eat, and it’s not a pretty sight.

For me, American food would be my grandma’s home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner or a ballpark frank at a baseball game. As I learned from these photos of American food sections in grocery stores around the world, however, people worldwide seem to think that Americans’ diets are 99 percent sugar. All in all, it makes me wonder — how do our own foreign food sections stack up to reality?

1. In England, the American food section is mostly just candy.

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2. This Belgian shop just threw an American flag sign over their soda and called it a day.

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3. New Zealand has an impressive variety of cookie dough bites and cajun foods.

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5. Oh no, France. That is not how we do hot dogs. Not at all.