Pancake Day On Instagram Vs. Reality

Let’s be honest about how this goes.

1. Cooking batter on Instagram.

2. Cooking batter in reality.

3. Tossing pancakes on Instagram.

4. Tossing pancakes in reality.

5. A pancake for your loved one on Instagram.

6. A pancake for your loved one in reality.

7. Banana pancakes on Instagram.

8. Banana pancakes in reality.

9. Rainbow pancakes on Instagram.

10. Rainbow pancakes in reality.

11. Lemon pancakes on Instagram.

12. Lemon pancakes in reality.

13. Pancake portraits on Instagram.

14. Pancake portraits in reality.

15. Cinnamon pancakes on Instagram.

16. Cinnamon pancakes in reality.

17. Pancake cartoon characters on Instagram.

18. Pancake cartoon characters in reality.

19. A great design for the kids on Instagram.

20. A great design for the kids in reality.

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