Pouring Molten Aluminum On A Steak Has The Coolest Result

These days, people are always looking for new and innovative ways to cook their food. If there is a faster way to do it or a way to make the food tastier, people will try it.

Which is exactly why these people started pouring molten aluminum on a steak. They wanted to see if it was possible to cook a steak by pouring liquid metal over it, and here are the results.

While the molten aluminum didn’t cook the steak through, it had an awesome effect.

Check out how the aluminum just slides right off.

Even though it wasn’t very effective, it still looked pretty rad.

Cooking it on the stove didn’t have much of an effect either.

Check out how rare that steak is after being cut and cooked again.

Check out the entire experiment in the video below:

While that steak certainly may not be edible, the result was still pretty cool. I’d like to do that someday.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/molten-aluminum/

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