Reading These 15 Little Things May Save Your Life Some Day. You’re Welcome.

Reading These 15 Little Things May Save Your Life Some Day. You’re Welcome.

Life’s short enough as it is. You don’t want to miss out on a few precious years (or even seconds) because you did something that could have been easily avoided. Think of all of the stuff you might miss out on: children, grandchildren… space pizza? You’ll want to be around for those! Take a look at these simple tips that could potentially save your life some day.

1. “Crashes caused by falling asleep at the wheel have the highest fatality rate of any kind of auto accident, because when you fall asleep your leg muscles relax and gravity pulls your foot straight down to the floor, taking the gas pedal along with it. NEVER drive when you’re sleepy.” – Will Northup

2. “Pedestrians, Don’t talk when you walk! Cell phone use reduces pedestrian safety. It shuts the world around, makes you blind to danger. You will experience Inattention Blindness (you may be looking at an object but you’ll fail to register it or process what it is).“ – – Murali Krishnan

3. “Don’t forage for food if you’re lost, find water and shelter and stay put. You’re more likely to eat something poisonous and you can survive for days without food. You’re also more likely to get more lost if you move than stay put.” – Ryan Borek

4. “Swim along the shore, not towards it, if you’re in a riptide. Float if you get a cramp.” – Ryan Borek

5. “Stop flipping people off because you don’t like how they drive. You never know if the driver behind you is a case of road rage waiting to happen, and there’s no gain to justify the risk.” – Will Northup

6. “If you are cold and have no extra clothes, wrap a towel (or any suitable piece of cloth) or newspapers around your stomach. You can also stuff paper under any part of your clothing, but keeping the stomach warm is essential.” – Stan Hayward

7. “Even if you think you’re just going on a basic nature hike, you must always have water with you. You can only survive three days in the desert without water and only about a week if you are in a colder environment.” – Mohamed Riyaz

8. “Keep a $20 bill under the sole insert in your running shoes. It could be enough to pay for a cab, buy a bottle of water, or purchase some first aid if you are in danger on a run.” Bjorn Anbell

9. “If you or someone you know has been stabbed or impaled by a considerably sized object… (anything with a blade would qualify, certainly anything bigger than a nail) DO NOT PULL IT OUT.” – Thomas Mei

10. “Don’t turn your back on an angry person with a gun. It is psychologically easier for them to pull the trigger if they don’t have to look you in the eye.” – Will Northup

11. “If someone has a concussion, keep their head elevated to allow fluid to drain so it doesn’t pool in their brain pan. This means no lying down and absolutely no sleeping.” – Will Northup

12. “Keep maximum-strength antihistamines in your wallet when taking a hike in case of stings, bites, etc. You never know when you’ll find something you didn’t realize you were allergic to.” – Ryan Borek

13. “If you are threatened by a dog, scent or any fluid that can be squirted will put it off.” – Stan Hayward

14. “If your cooking oil catches fire, never ever EVER try to put it out with water. Just turn off the stove, cover it up with the lid or a damp towel to cut off the oxygen supply and it will die out on its own.” – Alex-Giannakakos

15. “Always watch people’s hands if you feel threatened. We are taught to look someone in the eyes, however, police know that death is hidden inside the hands.” – David Pierson

(via Quora, H/T BuzzFeed) It’s all about the little things in life (and knowing how to not ending up dead). Most of these are pretty simple, so there’s no harm in trying. Help out your friends by sharing this with them, click on the link below.

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