This Is How You Can Make Homemade Pizza Rolls. It’s Really That Easy.

Do you like pizza rolls? Of course you do! It’s pizza, but, well, rolled. If you’re tired of paying Big Pizza Roll for boxes of frozen pizza rolls that were made without any love or care--comparative to the amount you’d put into yours, of course--then you need to start making them on your own.

It’s really easy--and fun (if you count eating as part of the process)! Take a look at this recipe, which was posted by Imgur user noyoucannothavemyscreenname, and get started!

Get your supplies ready.

Place the pepperoni on top of the croissant dough and the string cheese on top of that.

Roll it up nice and tight.

Bake until the dough turns brown and the cheese gets all melty and delicious.

Wait a few minutes for them to cool down, then shove them into your faces.

(via Imgur)

I can't wait to try it! (The ones you've already made, that is. I'm not cooking.) Not only will these pizza rolls reduce the risk of pizza burns in your mouth, but with all of that love in the ingredients? They're bound to be more delicious. Share this awesome recipe hack with others by clicking below.

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