You Would Never, EVER Want To Shop At These Supermarkets. Wow.

Nunavut is the northernmost Canadian territory and by far the worst one to buy groceries in. When a bag of chips will set you back just south of $10, odds are it’s going to cost a pretty penny to buy the makings for something that would even resemble a healthy meal for your family.

Citizens of the area are furious about the high, continuously rising prices and are protesting both in person and online. Nunavut Food Price is a Tumblr devoted to giving residents a place to share the outrageous sums of money they’re being asked to pay for everyday items. You won’t believe some of these stores are asking for!

Take a look!

Package Of Bottled Water

Frozen Taquitos

Orange Juice

Ground Beef

Potato Chips

Cooking Sauce

Canned Corn

Baby Formula

Frozen Treats

Chicken Burgers

(via Reddit, Huffington Post, Nunavut Food Price)

$3.29 for a KitKat? What is this, a movie theater? It’s hard to believe a place is selling this stuff for such outrageous prices. Click on the button below to share this on Facebook!

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